Lisa J. Jackson, MBA, MA

Co-Founder, The Business Guild

Who am I and how can I serve you?

The short answer is I’m a professional writer, editor, and people connector. I’ve been helping people find who they need to connect with since I was a young girl. In the business world I’ve gotten to know a lot of people at all levels of companies, so when I hear someone say, “I really need to find someone to help me with ……” I generally have a name or two to share.


In broad strokes, I help business owners connect with their customers through written content – in just about any form – web content, profiles, professional LinkedIn summaries, success stories, marketing content, corporate writing, business case studies, and so on.


I’ve been managing online and in-person networking groups and events for numerous years – and I facilitate mastermind groups where small business owners share challenges and help solve dilemmas with like-minded individuals.


Pat and I have created The Business Guild to build a community of like-minded business owners who believe in knowledge sharing – that we can help each other grow our businesses by sharing what we know and learning from each other.


Connect with me on LinkedIn (, if we haven’t already met.


Feel free to email me:


Or, I’ll ‘see you inside’ as a member of The Business Guild. I’m here to help you succeed with your business – please let me know what you need.

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Lisa J. Jackson, MBA, MA

Who am I and how can I serve you? The short answer is I’m a…

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