Business Guild Partners


No one can be the best at everything, that's why we partner with subject matter experts to bring you the expertise you're looking for.

Whenever possible, we team up with Business Guild members to provide services, but if we don't have a member who offers a specific service, we will vet a community partner to offer services Business Guild members need.

Current Business Guild member partners include:

  • Smarketing CONNECT - Find the sales & marketing experts you're looking for anywhere in the US
  • Ed Carter, CPA - Also known as the "Tax Whisperer," Ed specializes in tax preparation for small business and estates. He speaks "tax" and is the person you want by your side if you receive an audit notice from the state or IRS. 
  • Allegra Boverman Photography - Unique professional headshots, events, and commercial photography for your business needs
  • New England Web Strategies - Embrace the power of search engine marketing to target your limited budget to customers who are actively in-market now

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please complete the contact form or give us a call (603) 264-0788


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