Tame Your Content Chaos with a Content Calendar, ep. 2

Jun 14, 2021

woman-with-open-mouth-clutching-head-with-both-hands-suffering-from-headache-panic-depression.jpgDo you suffer from content overwhelm?

We get it.

Planning website and social media content always sounds easy, until it's time to do it.

  • What should you write about? 
  • What type of content?
  • How often should you post?

Written content, infographics, or video?

Instead of making things easier, too many options can lead to decision paralysis. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of coming up with content for your website or social media, think about taming your content chaos with a content calendar.

In its most basic form, a content calendar can be a paper calendar, spreadsheet, or simple list of proscpective content ideas that helps you organize your ideas and bring structure to your content plan.

  • Publication Date
  • Topic/Theme
  • Tiles & Headlines
  • Key Words
  • Content Status

When you have these basic pieces of information on hand, it is much easier to focus on your message and maintain a consistent flow of content. 

Join Lisa and Pat as they review the basics about choosing a format and setting up a basic content calendar to keep your website and social media content organized and on task.

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