Mastermind Groups


Are you looking for the perfect blend of small group networking and problem solving?

We think mastermind groups are the bee's knees when it comes to maximizing your business relationships.

Though many people say that mastermind groups aren't really networking groups, we say they're wrong. 

In fact, we think mastermind groups are the epitome of the perfect networking group. 

  • Community Support
  • Brainstorming & Problem Solving
  • Accountability
  • Learning

Mastermind groups connect people through a common topic or shared experience to overcome similar problems. 

They don't typically include sharing leads or other activities most people associate with networking, but they do help you build new relationships which is the underlying goal of all networkers.

If you've been looking for a business group that can help you solve problems and acts like a de facto panel of experts, or your own advisory board, think about joining* one of our mastermind groups. 

* Mastermind groups are limited to The Business Guild members with Professional or Premium membership. 

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